Multipaint 2018b (Version 18.10.2018, Fifth release fixes)

With Multipaint, you can draw pictures with the color limitations of some typical 8-bit computer platforms. The screen formats supported are Commodore 64 high resolution, Commodore 64 multicolor, Commodore Plus/4 Hires, Commodore Plus/4 multicolor, ZX Spectrum, MSX 1 and Amstrad CPC0.

Multipaint in action, in Commodore 64 multicolor and MSX flat aspect mode.

Features & Download

Multipaint features common drawing tools, color clash emulation, cut brushes, dither patterns, grid / snap, 20-step undo, spare page, magnify modes, direct executable export, export as source, import/export in native formats and much more.

Download Multipaint application for Windows/Linux/Mac (zip)

Download Multipaint Processing sketch 18.10.2018 (zip, manual not included)

Download Multipaint manual separately (pdf)

Keysheet with highlighted important options

NOTE to Mac users (1st of August, 2018): The Multipaint icon graphics problem is fixed. There may still be security/quarantine related issues with the mac.

As Multipaint is written in Processing, it should run in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux 32/64 bit systems. For running the application, you need the Java Runtime Environment. Especially on Mac OS X, the chosen Java version may affect screen refresh speed. Processing binaries cannot be guaranteed to work correctly across all operating system versions. In that case it might be helpful to install Processing and run the sketch instead.

Latest version

Multipaint 2018 (version 1.8.2018) is the fifth release of Multipaint. This version introduces a preview window, alternate palettes for C64 modes, basic aspect ratio switch for MSX and customizable mousewheel/middle button options.

Most importantly, the mac icon graphic bug was fixed. A more complete list of new features is included in the manual.

NOTE: I am phasing out the 'b' Intelligent drawing mode. So it does not have an icon although it is still shown in the manual. The 'b' key still works, though, and can be useful in some brush drawing operations.

The 2018b fixes a few glitches introduced in the 2018 version.

See also:

A blog post detailing some of the 2018 features

Pixel Polizei, a multi-platform graphics utility

PETSCII, a multi-platform text art editor

Running on Mac

Multipaint may have problems finding the prefs.txt file, leading to reduced features. It appears that no one solution fits all, but based on Mac users' comments here are some things to consider:

  • You generally need to place the prefs.txt somewhere else than how it is in the zip archive. This might be the Multipaint folder.
  • You can try to place the prefs.txt alternately to your "home" folder, the Multipaint folder, or your "root" folder.
  • Check that the Multipaint folder and all the files are properly on the filesystem, and not inside the archive or as shortcut icons.
  • It might be helpful to check what folder the Multipaint load and save selectors offer you as a default. This could be the folder the program uses for reading the prefs.txt. (This does not work for me)

Multipaint Gallery

Here are some works where Multipaint has been put to use.

Special thanks to Jonathan Eggelton who gave permission to include his work. Jon takes inspiration from C-64 game covers and loading screens. You can view more of his work through this CSDb page.

I have also permission to include works by Andy Green. Andy has been very prolific in creating ZX Spectrum art, both re-imagined loading screens and new images. To see more, check Andy's ZXart gallery and his Facebook page.

The demogroup GOTU made a demo on Commodore plus/4 called Promised Land, and told me they used Multipaint for the graphics. See the entry at plus4world!

The first three images are loading screens for an add-on to the multi-platform text adventure Hibernated 1: This Place is Death, which is called Eight Feet Under. The pictures were made by Rail Slave. Get Hibernated from here, it's quite an atmospheric game.

Eight Feet Under (C64 multicolor) by Rail Slave

Eight Feet Under (Amstrad CPC) by Rail Slave

Eight Feet Under (ZX Spectrum) by Rail Slave

Red Heat (C64 multicolor) by JonEgg

River Raid (C64 multicolor) by JonEgg

Toki (ZX Spectrum) by Andy Green

Doomsday Castle (ZX Spectrum) by Andy Green

From Promised Land (C plus/4) by DLST/GOTU

Für Desire (C64 multicolor) by Dr. TerrorZ

Remote (C64 hires) by Dr. TerrorZ

Queen (C64 multicolor) by Dr. TerrorZ

Infestation (C64 multicolor) by Dr. TerrorZ

Mi Amis Vice (C64 multicolor) by Dr. TerrorZ

Boabots (C64 hires) by Dr. TerrorZ

Lawless of the West (C64 hires) by Dr. TerrorZ

Countryside (C64 hires) by Dr. TerrorZ

Star Kerk (MSX) by Dr. TerrorZ

Imjarvi UFO Incident (C64 multicolor) by Dr. TerrorZ

Sommaren e Kårt (C64 multicolor) by Marq

Spaghetti West (C64 multicolor) by Dr. TerrorZ

Inside Job (C64 hires) by Dr. TerrorZ

Battlecat Action Figure (C64 hires) by Dr. TerrorZ

Unhanged (ZX Spectrum) by Dr. TerrorZ


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