Metal Edition (Version 22.5.2017, Fourth release)

Multipaint allows you to draw pictures with the color limitations of some typical 8-bit computer platforms. The screen formats supported are C64 high resolution, C64 multicolor, ZX Spectrum, Commodore Plus/4 Hires, Commodore Plus/4 multicolor, MSX 1 and Amstrad CPC0.


Above screenshots show Multipaint in action, in Commodore 64 hires and multicolor.

As Multipaint is written in Processing, it should run in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux 32/64 bit systems. For running the application, you need the Java Runtime Environment. Especially on Mac OS X, the chosen Java version may affect screen refresh speed. Processing binaries cannot be guaranteed to work correctly across all operating system versions. In that case it might be helpful to install Processing and run the sketch instead.

NOTE to Mac users (3th of June, 2017): If Multipaint loads, but the icons don't show properly, try this one weird trick: Copy the icons.bin file from the application folder to your system home folder. Then run Multipaint from the application folder as before.

NOTE to Processing 3 users: The current sketch source does not compile on Processing 3, so for now use Processing 2 instead. I did try to make the source work on both versions but with the latest additions this seems to be impossible.

Download Multipaint application for Windows/Linux/Mac (zip)

Download Multipaint Processing sketch (zip)

Download Multipaint manual separately (pdf)

Look at the Multipaint keysheet (png)

If you have chosen to run Multipaint as a sketch, place the multipaint folder to your Processing sketchbook folder. Run Processing, load and run the sketch, select the machine of your preference and go.


Latest version

The Metal Edition (version 22.5.2017) is the fourth release of Multipaint. This version introduces a new paint color behavior model. Other changes are preset dithers with related tools, improvements to mouse events, a new color indicator and a more consistent behavior across platform and a general tidying up of functions.

A bug was fixed that prevented the machine selection working from the preferences file. A more complete list of new features is included in the manual.

A blog post with some information about the new version.

Pixel Polizei, a multi-platform graphics utility

PETSCII, a multi-platform text art editor


Multipaint gallery

Below are some images created with Multipaint.

Dallas (MSX/TI994A) by Dr. TerrorZ.
Alien (C64 Multicolor) by Dr. TerrorZ.
Lawless of the West (C64 Hires) by Dr. TerrorZ.
Boabots (C64 Hires) by Dr. TerrorZ.
Star Kerk (MSX screen 2) by Dr. TerrorZ.
Imjärvi UFO Incident (C64 Multicolor) by Dr. TerrorZ.
The Unhanged (ZX Spectrum demo screen) by Dr. TerrorZ.
Spaghetti West (C64 Multicolor) by Dr. TerrorZ.
Inside Job (C64 Hires) by Dr. TerrorZ.
Sommaren e Kårt (C64 Multicolor) by Marq.
Countryside (C64 Hires) by Dr. TerrorZ.
Miami Cops (C64 Multicolor) by Dr. TerrorZ.


Multipaint 2016-2017 by Tero Heikkinen. Comments and queries can be sent to the address below:

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